Lean management & continuous improvement

To improve efficiency in manufacturing processes, to reduce manufacturing costs and to improve waste:

  • Pull / One piece flow
  • VSM
  • SMED
  • MUDA
  • 5’S
  • TPM
  • Andon / Poka Yoke
  • TWI

What to improve

  • To create value to customer, eliminating unnecessary activities and “waste”.
  • To improve process performance: safety, quality, cost and delivery service.
  • To improve process efficiency.
  • To improve the use of available shopfloor and lay out.
  • To reduce process and/or product change over time.

How its done

  • Analysis of process steps identifying “bottlenecks”, unnecessary waiting time and balancing value chain activities.
  • PULL production sistem implementation based on customer demand.
  • Improvement and adaptation of lay out according to process flow.
  • Process standarization according to 5´s methodology.
  • SMED methodology implementation eliminating unnecessary activities in change over process.
  • Maintenance activities standarization according to TPM methodology.