Referring to the speech of the honorable Mr. Biden and making a comparison between what I believe it is the international disaster of Afghanistan and what we could found in daily business, I came up with following thoughs which I would ilke to share and ask for some feedback:

Leaders and managers focused only on their goals might not help to improve the business, only might have short term impact.

Managers who do not aim to improve the systems and procedures might not succeed in business growth nor develop the business.

Managers who refer to other’s agreements and decisions made in the past might only have an excuse, a pretty poor excuse!!!!!!

Managers who do not forecast or even predict business and market development might not be prepared for the coming challenges upfront.

Managers who do not involve and seek team commitment might not achieve business targets and after their retire situation will come back to starting point.

After reviewing Mr. Biden speech, the first though that came up to mind was the USMC and Rangers Motto: “Never leave anyone behind” …..  I am not sure if it was followed this time.

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