Project management / APQP - PPAP

· Manufacturing lines and cells implementation: Lay out definition, machine and tooling installation and set up.

· Capacity analysis and R@R.

· PPAP documentation and first samples approval.

What to improve

  • To assure quality of supplied products and services in accordance with customer specifications.
  • It allows to achieve greater customer satisfaction.
  • Structured process which facilitates decision making.
  • It prevents defects and analyze failure mode and effects.
  • To develop a product quality assurance plan.

How its done

  • Planing and definition of an activity programm.
  • Manufacturing of prototype parts in accordance to customer requirement specifications and capacity of production process.
  • Desing and validation of manufacturing processes, tools and control methods.
  • Approval of proccess and products.
  • Submission of initial sample reports and customer PPAP documentation.